Aztech DSL1000EW-L Settings

wordpressSee the Aztech DSL1000EW-L settings below. Ensure a seamless connection with your Aztech DSL1000EW-L Router by utilizing the default login credentials provided below. These details are vital for accessing your router’s settings and performing necessary configurations.

Aztech DSL1000EW-L Settings


Aztech DSL1000EW-L Router: Streamlining Your Network Experience

Below, we outline the steps to modify critical aspects like DNS, IP address, SSID, and WiFi password, ensuring your network functions optimally. Likewise also see the Aztech DSL5018EN-1T1R Settings and Aztech DSL5068EN-1T1R Settings.

Accessing Default Settings:

  • The default login details are as follows:
    • Username: (Provided by your ISP)
    • Password: (Provided by your ISP)
  • Note, these credentials serve as your gateway to the router’s settings.
DSL1000EW-L admin admin


Default IP:

    • IP Address: (Default)
    • Alternative IPs:, (If the default doesn’t work)


Important Consideration: Resetting Your Router:

  • Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on performing a hard reset.
  • Note: Resetting the router restores factory settings, potentially disrupting your internet connection due to ISP-specific configurations. Note also the Aztech DSL600E Settings on here.


Changing Router IP Address:

    • Login: Access advanced settings and navigate to “LAN” in the “Advanced Setup” menu.
    • IP Modification:
      • Select an appropriate IP address.
      • Ensure the Netmask remains
      • Keep DHCP server enabled.
      • Click “Apply” to confirm the changes.


Modifying DNS Settings:

    • Login: Access advanced settings and choose “DNS Setup” from the side menu.
    • DNS Configuration:
      • Select “Use the following Static DNS IP address.”
      • Enter Google’s DNS server IP addresses.
      • Click “Apply” to save the changes.


Changing SSID and WiFi Password:

    • Login: Access advanced settings and navigate to the “Wireless” section in the side menu.
    • SSID and Password Adjustment:
      • Enable wireless and choose to hide SSID for added security.
      • Enter your desired SSID (Wireless network name).
      • Set up a strong WPA2 password (WPA2 Pre-Shared Key) for encryption.
      • Likewise select AES as the encryption method.
      • Click “Apply” to save the changes and then restart your Aztech DSL1000EW-L Router.


Likewise by following these steps, you can optimize your network settings. In addition, ensuring a secure and efficient internet connection for all your devices. Lastly remember, detailed instructions are available in the user manual for comprehensive guidance. These are the Aztech DSL1000EW-L settings for your router. Finally also see the Aztech HW550-3G Settings as well as Aztech DSL1015EN-L Settings.




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