Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 Star

This is how to reset Samsung Galaxy J7 Star. I have added the process to reset the phone. This is the factory rest. Now with the anti-theft enabled, your PIN will be required. This is needed before anyone can reset your device. So, remember to always turn off anti-theft and erase your device before selling or giving it away. This way, the new owner can activate and use the device normally.

Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 Star

When you reset the Samsung Galaxy J7 Star to factory settings, all original and factory settings will be applied. However, keep in mind that any software updates won’t be undone by this reset. Likewise see also the Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as well as the Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

It’s a good idea to make a backup before you reset the Galaxy J7 Star to its original factory settings. This helps prevent losing personal data stored in the device’s memory, such as images, applications, and contacts. Lastly also see the process which I wrote about called Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well.

To reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 Star, follow these steps:

1. First, go to the Home screen and swipe up or down to open the menu.
2. Then, choose Settings.
3. Scroll down and choose General management.
4. Optionally, choose Backup and restore for more options.
5. Next, choose Reset.
6. Choose Factory data reset.
7. Scroll down and choose RESET.
8. Enter the current screen lock code.
9. Choose NEXT.
10. Finally, choose DELETE ALL.

At this point, all data and settings saved on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Star will be deleted. The device will automatically reset and reboot. Once the Samsung Galaxy J7 Star has rebooted, you can disable anti-theft during the startup configuration. Likewise also see the articles that I wrote on the Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime as well as the Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9.




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