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I develop websites and content for websites related to high tech from around the world. See more pages and content about technology such as USB and other IT developments around the world.

Axesstel AXV-D450 Router

default passwordThese are the details for the Axesstel AXV-D450 router, including the login credentials and instructions for changing the IP and DNS settings. Unlike some other routers, there is no user manual for this model, but these steps should be easy to follow.

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Axesstel AXW-D800 Router

default passwordThe Axesstel AXW-D800 router is one of two routers made by Axesstel, the other being the Axesstel AXV-D450 router. If you need help with router settings, refer to the user manual for the CDMA 1xEVDO Wireless Broadband Modem, which is included below.

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Axesstel D8190AF Router Settings

default passwordHere we have information on the Axesstel D8190AF router, including its default username and password, default IP address, and instructions on how to change its IP and DNS settings.

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Axesstel MV400 Router

default passwordIf you need to manage your Axesstel MV400 router, you can easily change its IP address and DNS settings. To do so, log in using the default username and password (admin | admin) and access the “Network” tab under “LAN.” From there, you can modify the router IP and DNS servers to use OpenDNS or Google DNS if your ISP blocks certain websites.

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