Axesstel D8190AF Settings

wordpressSee the Axesstel D8190AF settings here. Delve into the configuration details of the Axesstel D8190AF router, starting with the disclosure of its default username and password, as well as the initial IP address. Additionally, learn how to modify the router’s IP and DNS settings, keeping in mind that this topic does not pertain to UART issues.

Axesstel D8190AF Settings

Furthermore, you can also access information about the CP2104 USB to UART driver and the Unitek RS232 to USB driver on this platform. Nonetheless, the primary focus remains on providing instructions for the Axesstel D8190AF router. It’s worth noting that this platform covers other routers, including the Axesstel AXW-D800 and Axesstel AXV-D450 models. Here, you will find guidance on altering the router’s IP and DNS settings, along with details about the default login credentials.

Username and Password for Axesstel D8190AF

Axesstel D8190AF SettingsFor the Axesstel D8190AF router, the default username and password are both “admin.” Additionally, the likely IP addresses for the D8190AF router within your network configuration include,, or These IPs serve as the default addresses for most routers, and the specific one you encounter depends on your previous IP address modifications. Be cautious when changing the default IP, as it may impact your network settings, similar to the behavior observed with the Defender USL 116 router. See also the D-Link Routers AirPlus Settings on here.

Changing the IP Address on the Axesstel D8190AF Router

To adjust the router’s IP, follow these steps: Log in using the default username and password as indicated earlier. You’ll notice that the current router IP is the same as your login IP. Navigate to the “Network” tab located at the top under the “LAN” section. This is where you can modify the D8190AF router’s IP. After making the desired changes, click “save.” Ensure that the Subnet Mask remains at, and leave the DHCP Server enabled as it was. Finally, restart the router to implement the changes. These are the Axesstel D8190AF settings. See also the Axesstel MV400 Router Settings.

Changing the DNS Settings for the Axesstel D8190AF

For altering the DNS settings on the D8190AF, the process aligns with the approach used for other models from this manufacturer. Begin by logging in using the default IP address and username/password combination for the Axesstel AXW-D800. Once inside the router’s menu system, access the “network” section. Here, modify both the primary and secondary DNS as shown in the image.

The DNS IP settings for Google and OpenDNS are as follows:

Google Public DNS:

Primary: Secondary:


Primary: Secondary:

These DNS configurations can be applied to your router, offering fundamental settings to enhance your internet experience.




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