D-Link Routers AirPlus Settings

wordpressThese are the D-Link Routers AirPlus settings. For accessing the default IP or default username and password of D-Link Routers AirPlus, refer to the information provided below. This range of routers falls under the D-Link Routers AirPlus category. The default setup for these routers typically employs specific configurations, which are detailed here. Also, explore the default username and password applicable to routers within this range.

D-Link Routers AirPlus Settings

Within the AirPlus series of D-Link routers, various models exist. Here, you can find the comprehensive settings, including the default IP, username, and password for each router. Check the list below to identify your specific D-Link router model. Note that there are generally only two default IP addresses, which are shared by most routers, and these are commonly set as or In addition, there are a few exceptions, such as CP2104 as well as the CP2102, which are distinct from the standard settings.

Regarding the default login credentials, it’s important to mention that the default username and password combination can vary. While the majority of routers were initially configured with ‘admin’ as the username and ‘password’ as the password, some routers deviate from this norm. To access your router’s settings, knowing the correct combination is crucial. If you encounter difficulty logging in, refrain from resetting your router, as this action will erase your ISP login information. See the D-Link Routers AirPlus settings below. Lastly also see the Axesstel AXV-D450 Router on here as well as the Axesstel MV400 Router.

Below is a table summarizing the default IP, username, and password for select D-Link Routers AirPlus models:

Router Settings

Router Model Default IP Username Password
AirPlus DI-524 admin password
AirPlus DI-524UP admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-614+ admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-624 admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-624+ admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-624S admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-724P+ admin <blank>
AirPlus DI-824VUP admin admin
AirPremier DI-784 admin <blank>
AirPro DI-754 admin <blank>
Airspot DSA-3100 admin admin
Airspot DSA-3200 admin admin
Airspot DSA-5100 admin admin
Amplifi DIR-645 admin <blank>
Amplifi DIR-657 admin <blank>


In addition to D-Link Routers AirPlus, this website also provides drivers for D-Link DU 128TA, D-Link DSM 602H Ethernet, and D-Link DU 520. Similarly, you can find default Router Username and Password information for Aztech routers. To explore more details and assistance, utilize the website’s sidebar for further navigation.




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