Reset Nokia 5G21

See the reset Nokia 5G21. Setting up Wi-Fi on your device is simple! Access the Web GUI, go to Network > Wi-Fi Networks, then choose the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network to customize settings like Wi-Fi Network Name and Encryption. While there’s no dedicated guest network, you can repurpose an available SSID.

Reset Nokia 5G21

Text messages display on the LCD screen, but you can’t send them from the device. Rebooting keeps settings intact, while a factory reset restores defaults. Change language or password easily through the System tab. For Gateway info, go to Network > Gateway, and for Network Status, select Status. Statistics provide insights into data usage across LAN, Cellular, and WLAN connections. With straightforward steps and accessible options, managing your device’s Wi-Fi and settings is hassle-free.

When you log in, you’ll see an Overview screen with Network Overview and Gateway Information. Setting up Wi-Fi name, password, and settings is easy! This is similar to the Asha 200 Factory Reset as well.

First, access the Web GUI and go to Network > Wi-Fi Networks. Then, choose either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network to make changes. You can adjust things like the Wi-Fi Network Name, Encryption Mode, WPA Version, and WPA Key. If you want to create a guest network, you can’t do it directly, but you can make one of the available networks a guest network.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Network > Wi-Fi Networks on the left side of the Web GUI.
2. Pick either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network. Remember, you have to set up each frequency separately.
3. Select an unused SSID, like SSID2, to configure.
4. Enter a new Wi-Fi Network Name that’s different from the others.
5. Make sure to turn on SSID and Broadcast.
6. Adjust other settings like Total clients, Encryption Mode, WPA Version, and WPA Key as needed. Then, save your changes.

For text messages (SMS), they show up on the LCD screen, not on the Web GUI. Unfortunately, you can’t send messages from this device. But you can scroll through messages using the < and > buttons, and delete them by selecting the trash icon. Likewise see also the Nokia X2-02 – Factory Reset on here. Lastly there is also the Nokia Asha 308 Memory Card on here.

Factory resetting the gateway:

Rebooting just turns the device off and back on again, keeping your settings intact. You can do this in the Web GUI settings or by pressing the Power button.

For a factory reset, it restores all settings to the way they were when you got the device. You can do this by using the reset button on the back of the device or in the Web GUI settings.

To change language or password:

1. For language, go to the bottom-left corner and choose English or Español.
2. To change the password, go to System > Change Password. Enter your current password, then the new one.

To view Gateway information or Network Status:

1. Go to Network > Gateway to see Gateway name, serial number, etc.
2. For Network Status, select Status. Here you can see Data Usage, SIM info, Cellular Network, and more.

And finally, for Statistics:

Select Statistics to view data sent over LAN, Cellular, and WLAN connections.

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