Nokia X2-02 – Factory Reset

If you are going to sell or resell your Nokia X2-02 then you want to do a factory reset on the mobile phone to clear all the data. Note that when you do a hard reset or a factory reset it will delete all your settings and data so you need to make a backup of your phone if you wish to save and use your data again as you cannot recover it.

Nokia X2-02 Factory Reset

You can follow the simple instructions below as to how to reset the Nokia X2-02 mobile phone. Always ensure that you should make a backup of your phone by Bluetooth or by USB cable as you cannot undelete the files and settings once you have hard rest your mobile phone. Note that there is an option to reset settings only.

  • Select Menu > Settings and Rest. fact. sett. > Settings only
  • Enter the security code.

Back up your content to a memory card

  • Select Menu > Settings > Sync & backup.
  • Select Create backup
  • Restore a backup
  • Select Restore backup

Note that you should run a backup to your SDCard. This before you start the reset process on your mobile phone. You will then remove your SD Card and then when hard reset. You can then run a backup from your SD Card once you insert it again after the mobile phone had restarted.

Lastly see the Aztech DSL600E Settings as well as the Nokia Asha 308 Memory Card and the Nokia Asha 308 Factory Reset. So in summary. To create a backup of your data, follow these steps: Select Menu, then go to Settings, and choose Sync & backup. From there, select “Create backup”. To restore a backup, follow these steps: Select “Restore backup”.




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