Nokia Asha 308 Factory Reset

The Nokia Asha 308 factory reset is very easy to do and you should be aware that once you reset the Asha 308 that you will not be able to recover the data or the settings again. You should look at making a backup to your SDCard first before you make use of a hard reset. 

Nokia Asha 308 Factory Reset

If you are going to do a factory reset or a hard rest because you might be selling your phone or upgrading then a backup of your data and settings would be a very good idea. Once the reset has been done you will not be able to recover your settings ever again. 

Note that there is an option when it comes to a factory reset as some will want their phone reset while others will only want to reset their settings. You will need to remember your APN settings or make a backup of all of these. Likewise also see the instructions on the Nokia Asha 308 Memory Card as well as the Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


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Restore original settings

  • Stop all calls and connections.
  • Select settings and restore factory sett. > settings only
  • Type in your password.

Note that you can look do do a backup first before you do the factory reset or hard reset on your mobile phone. See the links on the Asha 308 factory reset as well as the Nokia Asha 308 backup.

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