Factory Reset Lumia 630

If you want to reset your Nokia Lumia 630 then you need to ensure that you have made a backup of your Lumia 630 before you start the factory reset. This is a hard reset for the mobile phone and once the process starts it will delete all your settings as well as all your data and this cannot be recovered. Once its go, its gone. Note that this will not change your IMEI of the phone.

Factory Reset Lumia 630

Factory Reset Lumia 630If you want to view your IMEI number. Then dial *#06# to see what it is. People tend to do a reset before they send their mobile phone to have it repaired. This or where you wish to sell the phone without any data. Always ensure that you have made a backup of your data as well as ensuing that you mobile phone is fully charged.

  • Press and Hold the power key for 10 seconds.
  • The phone will now restart
  • Update the phone software.
  • Reset your phone. Press All Settings
  • Now Press in about
  • Press reset your phone.


How to Reset Lumia 630

The phone will now reset and delete all settings and data. It will reset the mobile phone back to the factory defaults that it came with. You can also see the factory reset Lumia 630 as well as on how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab E. This as well as how to hard reset the LG Optimus L5 or on how to hard reset the HTC One V.

To reset your phone, start by pressing and holding the power key for 10 seconds. This will initiate a restart of the phone. After the restart, proceed to update the phone software. To do this, press “All Settings”, then navigate to “About”, and finally, press “Reset your phone”. This will reset your phone to its factory settings.




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