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Hard Reset Sony Xperia E3

resetHard Reset Sony Xperia E3 today.If you want to factory reset the Sony Xperia E3 then the hard reset instructions have been added below. The following models should make use of this process as well being the versions of D2203/D2206/D2243 as well as the D2202 verison of the phone. The Sony Xperia E3 uses the same process as many of the other mobile phones in the Sony range such as the Sony Xperia E4 Dual and the Sony Xperia E1 mobile phone.

Hard Reset Sony Xperia E3

Hard Reset Sony Xperia E3The instructions below will delete all your settings on your mobile phone as well as all your data. If you wish to retain your data and settings then you should make a backup of your phone before you start the process and then restore the data and settings later again. People tend to factory reset their mobile phones when they are going to sell it or they are sending it in for repairs such as a cracked screen so that they can delete all the settings and password to retain their privacy and then do a restore when the repairs have been done.

This is a good way of doing things when the phone is broken. There are a number fo software packages online to backup your Sony mobile phone. Note that you are advised to charge your mobile phone so that it does not suffer a dead battery during the process. You will do this at your own risk.

Hard Reset Sony Xperia E3 by Menu

1. Ensure that the Sony Xperia E3 battery charged;
2. Go to Settings
3. Now go to Backup and reset 
4. Now go to Factory Data Reset 
5. Then go to Reset Device
6. Choose Erase Everything
7. The phone will now start the reset process.


Hard Reset Sony Xperia E3 by Code

1. Ensure that the Sony Xperia E3 battery fully charged;
2. On dialer enter this code: *#*#7378423#*#*
3. Select Customization Settings;
4. Select Reset Customization ;
5. Click on Confirm;
6. The mobile phone will now start the factory reset process;


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