Hard Reset Nokia – E-Series E5

Hard ResetHere you can hard reset Nokia – E-Series E5. The Nokia e5 reset code is here. This is the reset for the Nokia E-Series mobile phones. The Nokia e5 hard reset is here. These had been mainly Symbian mobile phones. There had been a number of models in the Nokia range with the E-Series phones.

Hard Reset Nokia – E-Series

The hard reset or factory reset has been added below as they are all the same. Note that the list of E-Series mobile phones below can be set by code, menu and button sequence. Follow the easy to use instructions.

The hard reset or factory reset for the Nokia E Series listed below. The hard reset has been added below this list of Symbian mobile phones. Yes this is the Nokia e5 hard reset process.

  • Reset Nokia E-Series E5-00
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E50
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E51
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E52
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E55
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E6-00
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E60
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E61
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E61i
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E62
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E63
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E65
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E66
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E7-00
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E70
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E71
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E72
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E73
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E75
  • Reset Nokia E-Series E90

Factory Reset Method One

  • – Turn on your mobile phone.
  • – Then press and hold * and the number 3 as well as the Call button  and Power button, until you see Nokia logo.
  • – Now enter your lock code. (The default lock code is 12345)

Reset Method Two

  • Turn on your mobile phone
  • Tap this secret code: *#7370#
  • Next please press your lock code. (The default lock code is 12345)
  • Now your phone will reset.

Factory Reset Method Three

  • Press Menu button and go to Settings -> Phone -> Phone management -> Factory Settings -> Delete data and restore.
  • Confirm by pressing Yes

Soft Reset Method Four

  • Press *#7780# with dial pad to Soft Reset Nokia E5.

Common Questions about the Nokia Series E Mobile Phones

  •  I have lost my password – Try the default lock password or Method 1 listed above. If that does not work then you need to go to a Nokia service center. This is the Nokia e5 reset code.

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