Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650

Hard ResetHow to hard reset Microsoft Lumia 650, then read further. The Lumia 650 can be factory reset as there are two options. The first is a soft reset while the second option is a hard reset. It is best to backup the content of your phone before you do as reset as the factory reset will delete all your content. The bets way to do this is to install a good backup software.

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

Soft Reset : Microsoft Lumia 650

Soft Reset : Microsoft Lumia 650The soft reset of the Lumia 650 is easy enough to understand. Follow the next instructions and the phone will get a soft reset. People tend to do this when the buttons no longer function correctly and a soft reset will do.

  • Take out the phone  battery.
  • Now wait a few seconds put the battery in and Press POWER key to switch your phone on.

The soft reset is as easy as that. If that does not work then you will need to look at a hard reset. Note that these resets will clean the phone of all its content. If you wish to keep all your telephone data then you can backup the mobile phone before you do a reset. The hard reset for the Microsoft Lumia is listed below. Remember to backup your phone first as you cannot recover what has been deleted.

Hard Reset : Microsoft Lumia 650

Soft Reset : Microsoft Lumia 650

If you wish to hard reset the phone then we are going to use the next button to reset the phone back to its factory settings with no data saved. Backup the phone first.

  • Press Power button to turn off your Lumia 650 mobile phone;
  • Once powered down, press the Power Button once;
  • After that press and hold the Volume Down button on the phone;
  • Release the sound key when you see exclamation mark on the screen;
  • Next press the buttons in this exact order: Volume Up -> Volume Down -> Power button ->Volume Down.

The phone will take a few minutes before it restarts.

Hard Reset : Microsoft Lumia 650

Always ensure that the phone is fully charged in the event that something goes wrong and you still have spare battery power.

The picture shows what you will see as explained above that this signals that the phone is now in a hard reset mode.

If this does not work for you then check for the Lumia 650 user manual. This has become hard to find since Microsoft took over Nokia. If all else fails then contact Microsoft for support.

One last issue. If you have lost you passport then you can also use the hard reset to start the phone without any data. Always consider backing up the files on your phone. Hard reset the phone at your own risk.

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