Hard Reset LG Optimus F7 US780

Hard ResetIf you wish to hard reset LG Optimus F7 US780 then you can follow the instruction listed below. Note that once you have reset the phone back to its factory settings that all the data is lost including your phone book as well as you internet settings. You should backup all your data before you do a hard reset as you cannot recover the data later again.

Hard Reset LG Optimus F7 US780

There are two methods to do a reset on the LG Optimus F7 US780. The hard reset can be done via code or you can do it via pressing the buttons in a certain sequence. The hard reset will not only delete all the data but also all your settings. People normally do this when they are going to sell the phone or which to clear old data and settings from a second hand mobile phone which they bought. These settings are below. See how the factory reset of other LG mobile phones. Likewise also see the Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well as the 7 Reasons to buy a Samsung phone.


Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.


Factory reset via Menu

Hard Reset LG Optimus F7 US780

  1. You start from the Home screen;
  2. Now touch the Menu Key;
  3. Proceed into System settings;
  4. Press the Backup & Reset tab;
  5. Once done press the Factory Data Reset tab;
  6. Note that a warning should popup;
  7. Once you have understood the message;
  8. Press Reset phone;
  9. Press – Erase everything.

There will be an option to erase everything on the phone as well as everything including the microSD card. If you wish to keep your microSD card then it is best to remove this before the process.

Factory reset via Buttons

Hard Reset LG Optimus F7 US780





  1. First you need to turn off the phone;
  2. Together press and hold the following keys;
  3. –  Volume Down Key and Power Key.
  4. Now let go the buttons when the screen changes;
  5. You now have the Factory Hard Reset screen;
  6. There will be a warning wanting confirmation;
  7. Now press the Power Key to confirm;
  8. Again press the Power Key to reconfirm;
  9. The phone will reboot and the hard reset done.



Hard Reset LG Optimus F7 US780


Factory reset via Buttons:

Ensure that your phone is charged. Next, turn off your phone completely. Now, press the Power button and Volume Down key simultaneously. Remember to press them together and hold. The phone will now initiate the hard reset. The procedure will now complete. Likewise see the Hard Reset of LG G3 A F410S as well.


Factory reset via Menu:

Ensure that the phone is fully charged. Now, go to the Menu and tap Settings. You must then open the Privacy folder. After that, select Factory Data Reset. Press Reset Phone to continue, and confirm when asked. The phone has now been factory reset. Lastly also see the Hard Reset the LG Optimus L5 article as well as the Hard Reset LG Optimus 2X SU660.




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