Axesstel D8190AF Router Settings

default passwordHere we have information on the Axesstel D8190AF router, including its default username and password, default IP address, and instructions on how to change its IP and DNS settings.

Axesstel D8190AF Router Settings

Axesstel D8190AF Username and Password.┬áThe default username and password for the Axesstel D8190AF router is admin | admin. The router’s default IP address is likely to be one of the following: | | Be careful when changing the default IP on your network, as this can affect your router’s login IP.

Changing the IP Address on the Axesstel D8190AF Router

To change the IP address on the Axesstel D8190AF router, log in with the default username and password mentioned above. Click on the “Network” tab and select LAN. The current router IP will be displayed. Change the D8190AF router IP and save your changes. Be sure to leave the Subnet Mask at and leave the DHCP server enabled. Finally, restart the router. See also the Axesstel MV400 Router as well.

Changing the Axesstel D8190AF DNS

To change the DNS settings on the Axesstel D8190AF router, log in with the default IP address and username and password mentioned earlier. Click on the “Network” button and change the primary and secondary DNS as shown in the picture. Note that this process is similar for other routers manufactured by Axesstel, such as the Axesstel AXW-D800 and the Axesstel AXV-D450 routers.

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