Reset the ZTE Quartz

Hard ResetIf you want to reset the ZTE Quartz then see below how to complete a soft reset as well as a hard reset on the mobile phone. Note that you should always make a backup of your mobile phone before you reset the phone. The reset will delete all your data as well as all your mobile phone settings.

Reset the ZTE Quartz

Now when you start a master reset of the ZTE Quartz then you will need to understand that this will take you back to the factory settings of the phone. You will need to enter your APN settings again which you might be able to find here. The reset or factory set will delete all your messages, ringtones as well as your images and apps. They will all be permanently gone. Do this with caution and always ensure that you have made a complete back of the phone. This is no different to the Sony d6503 hard reset which is also on this website. You can now also see how to check dialog data balance by sms as well as the tdc apn.

Hard Reset

  1. Ensure that your mobile phone is full charged
  2. Touch the screen to ensure that the phone is on
  3. Press the Power Button then Settings then System then Disconnect & Reset
  4. Press the Check Mark
  5. The device will not restart and the reset will begin
  6. Once it starts then it will ne the factory settings only.

Most times people do this when they are selling their mobile phone. They want to ensure that all their personal data has been deleted. There is also the option of a soft reset on the mobile phone. See how to complete a soft reset and reset the ZTE Quartz mobile phone.

Soft Reset

The soft reset is the same as removing the battery form the phone. This is needed when the phone is frozen or when the phone becomes unresponsive. This does not cause data loss. Press the Power Button for 15 seconds and it will be the same as removing the battery.This is the hardware reset as well as the software reset of the ZTE Quartz. If you are looking for assistance for other hardware devices. Then you can also look at the Samsung USB driver on our sister website. See also the ZTE Z3001S Hard Reset



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