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How to make the Degree Celsius symbol °

° If you want to know How to make the Degree Celsius symbol while typing then see how this is done. The symbol for the degree celcius has been shown below. This shortcut for the symbol is easy enough to complete using the ALT key much like the How to make Registered Trademark Symbol which is also on this website as well as the How to make Trademark Symbol ™ which you can also see on this website.

How to make the Degree Celsius symbol

In order to complete this you will need to Press and Hold the ALT key + 0176 which you will type in while holding down the ALT key. You can see this on the keyboard as shown below. There are a number of other symbols which can also be created on your website or while using Microsoft Word or other text editors.

How to make the Degree Celsius symbol

See other posts as well such as WordPress Tutorials for Newbies amongst others. The Celsius scale is used to measure temperature. It’s based on the concept that a change in temperature changes the amount of water at its point of reference. For example, a rise in air temperature changes its wetness. In fact, the name ‘Degree Celsius’ refers to the measure of change in temperature that produces this change in moisture. This change is then expressed as a number on the scale.




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