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How to make Copyright Symbol ©

© If you want to know How to make Copyright Symbol © on your computer then read further. This is very similar to the How to make the trademark symbol which is also on this website. Much like the other you will need to hold the ALT key down while you press in the selected numbers on your keyboard. This is good for legal writing or technical writing when you wish to show that something has been copyrighted. Works well in legal documents in WordPress as well as Microsoft Word or any other editor.

How to make Copyright Symbol ©

If you want to make the copyright symbol on your keyboard then this is simple. Press and Hold the ALT key and then while holding it in type in 0169 then release the ALT key. The copyright symbol will then appear in your document. This can be in a WordPress post or a Microsoft Document. ALT + 0169. This is easy enough to remember and is mainly used in legal or technical documents.

How to make Copyright Symbol

You can search this website for more symbols which you can use on your keyboard. This as stated is very useful when writing documents and you need to know how to make the copyright symbol in your documents or even on your website. See also the How to make Registered Trademark Symbol on here.

The copyright symbol is a graphic representation of the rights granted to authors under copyright law. Authors receive protection under copyright for their lifetime and the lifetime of the person who created the work. The symbol contains information about copyright terms, individual authors and whether federal or international copyright laws apply. Essentially, the copyright symbol is an important legal concept that defines creativity and ensures creators are compensated for their hard work.




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