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How to make Cent Sign ¢

¢ This is How to make Cent Sign ¢ in your documents. You can do this in WordPress as well as in any document. These are the standard keyboard shortcuts for the symbols on your computer. Making the cent sign is no different to How to make Paragraph Quote or How to make Fractions Three Quarters as well as How to make the Degree Celsius symbol. See below How to make Cent Sign as well as others.

How to make Cent Sign ¢

The cent sign is used to represent one hundred units of currency. It is the base unit of the money system we use today. Each country has its own set of 100-cent pieces. In addition, the US Mint produces several different types of cents. Essentially, the cent symbolizes all that we have gained through hard-earned wealth.

How to make Cent Sign

To make the cent sign you will need to Press and Hold down the ALT key and type in 0162. The cent sign will then appear. The name ‘cent’ comes from the French word meaning ‘hundred’. This name references the fact that the original US coins had a value of one hundred units of currency. The word ‘sign’ refers to the fact that a cent symbolizes monetary value without conveying it physically. Hence, the name ‘cent sign’.

Currently, there are twelve cents in circulation worldwide. The first US cents were produced at the Mint in Philadelphia on February 20th, 1793. The design for these coins came from Robert Scot- a Mint Master at that time. He created the design for the Liberty Cap, which is still used today. In addition, each coin has an inscription on it reading ‘one hundred cents’. This shows how much power money has given us.

The cent symbol is based on a Greek Hermaic column with a cap on top. This symbolizes majesty, stability and unity.




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