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How to make a Sun symbol ☼

☼ If you want to know how to make the sun symbol ☼ then read further below as to how to make this with the keyboard shortcut. This is very similar to the How to make a Smiley Face as well as the How to make Copyright Symbol  as you will now be able to see. You can also see below how this can be added to your Microsoft Word document or on your WordPress blog.

How to make a Sun symbol ☼

The sun symbol is used in many different cultures around the world. It represents light, warmth, life, and hope. The sun symbol has been used by people throughout history as an expression of good luck, happiness, and prosperity. In ancient Egypt, the sun was considered the god Ra, who was also known as the “father of the gods.” He was often depicted with rays coming out of his head, representing the power he gave to others.

To make the Sun symbol you will need to Press and Hold the ALT Key while in you type in 15 and the sun symbol will show.

How to make a Sun symbol




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