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Hard Reset LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N

resetYou can now do a hard reset LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N. If you are going to reset the LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N then you can do a factory reset or a hard reset with the instructions listed below. You will need to backup the settings from your mobile phone to your computer. There are a number of software programs for this. Once you have reset your mobile phone you will not be able to recover your data again. You are doing this at your own risk.

Hard Reset LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N

Hard Reset LG Spirit 4G LTE H440NThere are two types of resets for the mobile phone. The first is the menu system which is the easiest way of doing a factory reset. There is also the option with the buttons on the mobile phone. The settings for a hard reset are the same for most of the LG mobile phones. This includes the same reset procedure as the LG G3 A F410S as well as the LG Optimus 2X SU660 mobile phone.

Again making a backup of the settings of your phone is highly recommended as you can restore the settings again after the reset has been completed. You can search this website ofr more information on the LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N as well as other mobile phones from LG. If you are not interested in the backup then consider writing down your APN settings before you start the reset process.

Hard Reset LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N by Buttons

1. Ensure that the battery fully charged. Now backup all your data onto your computer;
2. Now Power Off the mobile phone;
3. Hold Volume Down + Power Key down together;
4. Release the  Power key, and press the Power key again;
5. Use the Volume Key to navigate to YES or NO;
6. Press the Power Button to confirm your selection.
7. Press the Volume Key to reselect your confirmation. Press the Power Button to confirm.


Hard Reset LG Spirit 4G LTE H440N by Menu

1. Turn on your mobile phone;
2. Ensure that the mobile phone is charged;
3. Go to the menu and click on Settings;
4. Now click on  Backup and reset;
5. Now click on  Factory Data Reset;
6. Click on  Reset Device
7. Choose Erase Everything and the phone will now reset on its own.


Check your mobile phone and ensure that it is fully charges and that you have made a backup to your computer if you want to restore all the settings again. You can search this website for more information on LG mobile phones as well as others phones such as the Samsung range of mobile phones.


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