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Systems Tuning

If you need to know more about systems tuning then these are the most popular system tuning software on the market and we update these as they become available. The following software is maintained on this Asian mirror for ease of download for users located in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia and Thailand.

Check back on a regular bases for updates to the software. We only host the most popular software around and not every single piece of software which becomes available. Search this website for more software that you might find useful which others too are using. CCleaner is used by more than 30 million people world wide and Process Explorer can be found on every technicians laptop globally. They are all truly useful and widely used software.

Systems Tuning Software

defraggler downloadDefraggler is one of the most popular disk optimizes and depending on what you need this software being free allows you to add speed to your hard-drive by arranging all the sectors in such a way that your computer can read it faster. Normally it is best to use another program such as CCleaner to first remove all the junk files, temporary files and cookies from your computer before you defragment your computers hard drive. If you do not clean-up your computer first it will only continue to shift all your temporary files and other junk files around. See the full listing on its page for more details.


ccleaner downloadCCleaner is another excellent software programs which cleans your computer and removes all your cookies and otherwise junk files. Use this together and run the program Defraggler afterwards to give your computer a faster and cleaner boot. The cleaner now cleans up most the the popular programs on the internet such as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and also programs such as Adobe, CDBurnerXP and other mainstream software as has been listed on it page. Note that there is a free version and a Pro version of the software. The difference is that the Pro version comes with full software support and it updates itself automatically.

file unlocker downloadUnlocker is a brilliant program that allows you to unlock files when you are trying to delete them. It is one of the most useful programs which allows you to delete and release the file from the program without shutting the program down. If you have ever tried to delete a file only to be told by Windows that you cannot delete the file as you don’t have permission or that you don’t have the rights to delete the file then this little program will allow you do delete the file by killing the process which is holding onto the file. You find this mainly during torrent downloads and also during software and web development.

process viewer downloadProcess Explorer is a good program if you want to know which programs are running on your computer. It is much better than the Windows Process view as it gives much more detail. The process explorer allows you to kill a process and also to see which files are being used by which software. Many times you will run out of memory and you do not know which file is using all the memory or the CPU. This software will let you see in an easy to understand format which software program and which process it controls is giving you the problems. You can also use unlocker as above to delete the file which a process is holding without killing the process.

sisandra downloadSandra Lite has been around for many years and shows all the components of your PC from your disk to memory and allows you to test your computer.. Its one of the best known diagnostics programs around. The program is a bit on the large side however it is an excellent software program if you are looking at building or buying a new computer. It allows you to test your hard drive, memory and graphics card and more for starters. It will then compare this with other computers in its database. Try this software if you want to know what is really inside of your computer and how your computer performs next to others.

gpu-z downloadGPU-Z and wanting to test your GPU and compare it to others. This is it if what to know how good your new graphics card is going to be with the games.download it to test you GPU now! Download this software on this website and compare how good your GPU is compared to others. The software is a must if you are into gaming and in need of the best GPU. Before you upgrade your graphics card test your card and then test your new card so you can compare your cards to see if the upgrade was worth your money. The program is very small but will be well worth your time.


cpu-z download

CPU-Z is one of the best programs for testing the limits of your computer processor. It also allows you to compare your CPU against others from around the world. Download the latest version today! If you are considering buying a new computer or upgrading your motherboard and CPU then test it before you install the new CPU and motherboard and check to see how well your new CPU performs compared to your older one.