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SpeedFan is a small program that many technicians already use to check and monitor the voltages, fan speeds and also the temperatures in all computers that have hardware monitor chips in them. Most hardware today come with built in sensors for monitoring these critical components.

The program SpeedFan can check the S.M.A.R.T information and show you the temperature of your hard disks. If you have SCSI disk drives then you will be pleased that SpeedFan supports these as well. If you are overclocking then SpeedFan can also change the FSB on some but not all of the computer hardware around. You can now change fan speeds if you wish to reduce the noise from the computer. Most computer hardware is supported.

Software Features:

  • Monitor South Bridges
  • Monitor hardware monitor chips
  • Monitor any number of hard disks
  • Monitor any number of temperature readings
  • Monitor any number of voltage readings
  • Monitor any number of fan speed readings
  • Monitor any number of PWMs


Release Notes: (Time of Review)

The latest update for this this has been to add more hardware options to SpeedFan. These include adding Fintek F71811U, Nuvoton NCT6106D and Nuvoton NCT6792D which now has full hardware support. It can now also read the new chips on the market such as Microchip MCP9843 and MCP98243. The trigger events are also now changed from 9999 times (it was 99). This update was only for the newer hardware that is coming to market such as the new motherboards.

Install SpeedFan:

The install is easy enough much like other software on the market. It slows down when it hits “GiveIO service properly started” as it has to start the service on the computer. Overall it takes less than 60 seconds to install the software. Note that once it is installed you need to click close on the installer as it does not close automatically.

– (DEBUG) OS is Windows 6.1 build 7601
– OS is Windows 7
– You’ve got administrative privileges
– GiveIO service installed into service database
– GiveIO service start type is currently set to demand
– GiveIO service start type properly set to AUTOMATIC
– GiveIO service properly started
– Copying 32 bit service
– SpeedFan service installed into service database
– SpeedFan service start type is currently set to demand
– SpeedFan service start type properly set to AUTOMATIC
– SpeedFan service properly started
– Program files properly created
– Program group properly created
– Desktop shortcut properly created
– Uninstaller properly created

Running SpeedFan:

Once you start the software you will need to wait as it detects all the sensors on your motherboard. This takes a few seconds to complete. Below you can see what the software does. It tells you your voltages as well as the temperature on the computer. It will also show a flame where it considers the component to be hot. Its very easy to understand.


As you can see it shows the hard drive temperate as well as the CPU and the temperature inside the case. There is also a reading which shows you the speed of the fans inside the case as well as on the CPU. This is a bit of an old computer which I used but you can understand the capabilities of the software. There is also a beta version on one of the tabs called exotic which is interesting as it show you how long the computer has been on. Basically it gives you a summary of the entire computer. Its a rather interesting feature.

Speed Fan Review

So as you can see my computer has been on for 3 days and is running as just under 2.6Ghz. It also gives you a reading on the CPU usage as well as reading both cores separately which is a good touch. Yes the computer runs hot but this is Asia, its always hot and humid even with the aircon running. There is also a tab called “Clock” which allows you to overclock your computer. If you dont know what you are doing then it is best not to change the clock speeds on your computer. That might just end your CPU permanently. The tab called ” SMART” will do a test on your hard drive. There is a short and long one. The shot test takes about a minute to complete and tells you how well or how bad your hard drive is doing. SpeedFan is a bit underrated as its name does not fully tell you what the software is capable of.


There are not errors on the hard drive and everything looks good. Note that it was testing a portable WD drive so it reads not only your computers hard drive but also an attached USB drive. These are all the options. The tab called “Charts” allows you to see how the temperature has fluctuated over an extended period of time.

SpeedFan is not well known as a basic diagnostic tool however it should as it provides you with good insight into your computer and it is also a very small download being only 2MB in size. Well worth installing the software on your computer. You can download the software as listed below.

Homepage : http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php



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