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Speccy will do what SiSandra does without the large install. This software is one of those tools you need to have on your computer when you need to check all the specs for your computer. This program much like SiSandra will give you detailed statistics on every aspect of your computer hardware including but not limited to the CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives and also the Audio.

What makes this program a nice addition is that it will also read all the temperature sensors in your computer.It is very useful to have if you are not very computer literate as it is easy to use and you can give your specs to a technician over a telephone. It also tells you what is in your computer if you are considering an upgrade. You can printout the specs hand it to a technician and they will be able to look at the specs and tell you what can be upgraded based on your computers specs.

What is it good for and why would one have to have this outside of the above:

1. If you are going to be selling your computer you can always use Speccy to quickly list out the components.

2. Ever called support and you don’t know anything about your computer – this will end that!

This is what it highlights:

  • – Processor brand and model
  • – Hard drive size and speed
  • – Amount of memory (RAM)
  • – Graphics card
  • – Operating system

Speccy is not well known and is made by Piriform the designers and writers of CCleaner and also Recuva and Defraggler. Those programs are top end and free for use. If you are looking for a lightweight program to check the specs on your computer then this is it. Much better that SiSandra and easy to use.

Release notes: (Time of Testing)

Speccy usually updates once a year. The version which was released for this year makes Speccy more stable on the new Windows 10 operating system. It also now checks for updates and a much improved search ability when installed on your drive. The hardware list has also been updated to reflect the new additions to the hardware world. We have see the same with SpeedFan this year where the new motherboard chips are needing software updates all round.

Install Speccy:

The install of Speccy is easy enough. There is a wide range of languages for you to choose from so it was written well enough to spread globally. Its always a good touch when developers push out software in as many languages as possible. The install takes less than a minute to complete.


Once installed it takes 3 minutes to search your hardware to identify what you have in your computer.

Running Speccy:

The interface is well designed and the layout is easy to understand. They have made use of a dark background with blue component headlines which can be a bit difficult to read as you get older. I would have used a white background with the logo faded out in the background to get people to buy the product – at least on the free version. You cant sell with dark colours. I am off the point a bit but I thought I would add that in as marketing advice.

Speccy review

The format is good and the layout as well. You have to click on the component and it opens a very detailed view of the component. For this example I will open the CPU and see the amount of detail it gives including temperature and Bus speed. Its rather overwhelming but if you are a hardware technician then you will enjoy what it has to offer. You could diagnose most problems with this software as many of the problems today tends to be either software corruption brought about by heat. From here you would be able to see which components are not working properly. If you have a dead PC then this will tell you which component is not working. Its also good for inventory keeping if you are in charge of the IT department as you can account for everything.


One last thing about this software which many do not offer. It will also check which software has been installed on the computer and also tell you if they are updated or not. There is also a reading for disabled. for software trouble shooting it will also tell you which Hotfixes from Microsoft has been installed and which have not. Also for accounting in the IT department it tells you when the OS was installed on the computer and also the software serial number. This way you are also able to keep track of software in the office with the hardware in your IT records.

Speccy is good for IT departments and it is an excellent addition to any office where they keep track not only of software but also of their hardware. Now you can do all of this at the touch of a single button. You can download the software at Piriform Software below.


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