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Process Explorer

The process explorer works far better than the Windows version that comes with your computer. If you want to see what is running on your computer then this program is a must on your computer. The are two windows which open when you run the program. The top windows shows you the active processes running on your computer where it show you what is running and which program controls the process.

The bottom windows will then show you which are files and DLL files are running from the top window and how they connect. There is also a search ability in the program and you can look at which DLL’s are being used and which program is using them.

This is a good program if you do not know if there is adware running on your computer or which program is using alot of your computers resources. This program will allow you to view which programs to tune or to remove. Its one of those programs you simple just have to have in case of an emergency. Note there is the latest and also an older version listed below for downloading.

Release notes : Process Explorer

This is the annual update of the software which has made a very small change by adding a protection column that shows process protection status. Thats about it.

Installing : Process Explorer

There is no installation as it is a stand alone file. Once you open the zip file you only need to click on the .exe file and the process explorer opens. Very easy to use as there is no installation.

Running : Process Explorer

Once the program is running it will show you which files are using the CPU and how much of this is being used. It also does the same for the memory. Think of it as the “Windows Task Manger” but more details than what Windows will give. As an example in Windows Task Manager you do not see “vpnclient” running in the background however in Process Explorer you can clear see it listed as running. Also “Rapport Management Service” only shows up in Process Explorer.

The software is good if you are troubleshooting a computer or you want to know what else is running which Windows does not show. This is a very good program for this.

Process Explorer

This was the version used during the testing. I do not update the files once I have tested it so you will need to search the internet for the latest files. This is the file that was used for the screenshots above.

Title: Process Explorer 16.05
Filename: ProcessExplorer.zip
File size: 1.07MB (1,125,626 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: en-US
License: Freeware
Date added: March 11, 2015
Author: Microsoft SysInternals


process explorer


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