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How to transfer domain from Godaddy

transfer domain nameWhen you transfer your domain name to NameCheap from Godaddy you need to start the transfer process by paying and starting the domain transfer from NameCheap as has been explained on this website here. Once this is started you need to log into Godaddy to complete the domain process once you have paid for the domain name.

If you are moving your domain name first check if the nameserver needs to be changed. Most time the nameservers are provided by the hosting company and this does not normally need to be changed. If you have your own nameservers and it is the nameservers you are moving to NameCheap then see how to move these nameservers here.

Once you have paid for your domain with NameCheap you now need to log into your Godaddy account to start the transfer process on the Godaddy side of the transfer process.

1. How to unlock your domain name on your GoDaddy account:

How to transfer domain from Godaddy

2. Select the domain(s) you want to transfer and unlock the domains and click the Lock

How to transfer domain from Godaddy

3. Select Off radio-button to have the domain(s) being transferred unlocked and click Save


4. How to obtain EPP code from GoDaddy:

  • Login to your GoDaddy account
  • Next to Domains click on Launch
  • Click on the domain you need the EPP code for


5. Click on the Email my code in the Authorization Code field as seen below


6. Check the information displayed and click Send


This sets the transfer process in motion. If you are using Domains by Proxy on your Godaddy account for this domain name then you need to cancel you proxy account for this domain before it can be transferred. See the post on how to cancel Domains by Proxy here.

How to accept the transfers at GoDaddy.

Once the administrative contact approves the transfer request and it is initiated at the registry level you can accept the transfers on the GoDaddy’s side:

– Log in to your Account Manager,
– Next to Domains, click Launch,
– From the Domains menu, select Transfers
– Select the domain name(s) you are transferring to Namecheap then click Accept/Decline

– Select one of the following:

Accept – This option might speed up the pending transfer’s completion.
– This option cancels the pending transfer, which causes it to fail.

– Click OK twice. The request will be processed within 30 minutes.

Now that you have unlocked the domain and ready to transfer with the EPP code in hand this is how you transfer your domain name to NameCheap.



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