Driver : 3D Rage PRO Turbo AGP/PCI

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Driver : 3D Rage PRO Turbo AGP/PCI

Postby admin » Sun Jan 01, 2006 8:38 pm

Driver : 3D Rage PRO TUrbo AGP/PCI

3D Rage PRO TUrbo AGP/PCI turbo 2x and most other classic ATI Rage products


Device Type

Operating Systems
Win98, Win98SE, WinME

This card is hella old but it is extremely overclocking friendly. Mine had 4 megs when I used it. If you're one of those people who go to used part outlets because you're a huge penny pincher, this card will become your new god. This card is an OCer's dream come true. This card doesn't care what you do to your PC; OC your CPU, FSB, etc. to your hearts content; this card won't mind one bit. This card is also easy to OC itself. There is a program called the Rage Pro Tweaker (do a websearch, its not hard to find) that lets you overclock the 3D chip to 105 Mhz and the RAM to 115 Mhz. If you have a Rage Pro with a decent amount of RAM on it, you will have yourself a nice mediocre 3D card!! This card runs very cool. Even though I OCed it to the max, I never had to put a fan or heatsink on it. I even opened up my PC and touched it; it doesn't get hot at all. How does it perform when OCed? Well, I remember playing Shogo: Mobile Armor Division on it without OCing it and I had to keep the settings the way the game told me to, which was 640x480, 16 bit textures, low detail. When I overclocked it I upped the detail to medium and it ran like a charm! Don't believe what you hear about ATI's driver support; it doesn't suck anymore. This card now fully supports OpenGL; you don't have to use one of those stupid mini drivers or something. This card's drivers STILL get updated even today; this card has not been abandoned by ATI yet. So yeah, ATI Rage Pro, it's nice. Pick one up for 10 bucks at your local used hardware store; you'll be glad you did. Final Score: 8 because even though it's an old card, for people without a lot of money it is good for people who want to be able to play 3D games.

Download ALL the files and extract the first, the others will auto extract.
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