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CPU-Z Review

Today I uploaded the latest CPU-Z program to the website. I have used this program for many years when I was rebuilding computers and servers as a hobby years back. The program is small yet very functional. The amount of details it gives you is practical and useful to any tech worth his or her salt. Once you install the program the following is what you will see and also what you will understand as explained below.

Out comes the old Dell dual core computer for a test run on the latest version of CPU-Z. The first tab tell you about the CPU of your computer. We can see that this was run on a Pentium dual Core 2.60Ghz computer being code name Wolfdale from Intel. The other stats are for those who are either buying a new CPU or a second hand or new computer to check if what you bought is what you have. This is mainly used if you wish to overclock your computer and need to see the speed of the CPU which is being overclocked or the clock speed and multiplier settings in the computer.

CPU-Z is not a bad program. Its small, easy to install and also free. The Tools button is a bit of a misnomer as it takes you to an affiliate website for you to buy a program which scans you computer for updated drivers. There are many such programs around such as one on this website called Driver Booster which does the exact thing.

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Overall the program is an excellent software program that you will find useful at checking your computer from the CPU to the memory speed. It does lack a number of more advanced features which are offered in the program called Speccy which give more details including the temperature of your CPU and motherboard and details of your entire computer. CPU-Z does not read these sensors or offer these features.

If you are simply looking to understand your CPU speed and settings and that of your memory then CPU-Z is a great program. anything further than this then Speccy is what you would be looking to download.

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