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Speccy will do what SiSandra does without the large install. This software is one of those tools you need to have on your computer when you need to check all the specs for your computer. This program much like SiSandra will give you detailed statistics on every aspect of your computer hardware including but not limited to the CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives and also the Audio.

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If you are looking at a faster computer then first think of optimizing your computer. The windows defrag does not work very well and has proven not to be efficient. Now there is a solution to slow computers. Welcome to Defraggler the program not only optimizes your hard drive but can also optimize a file or directory.

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If you need to clean your PC thoroughly of webpage content, cookies and all your online activity then CCleaner is what you will need. No other program cleans your computer to the extent that CCleaner does. This is one of the best freeware programs available on the market today and cleans not only your online activities such as internet history or all traces of internet activity on your computer but also frees up disk-space.

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When you have a process running wild or a program that is stuck then this is far better than the windows program for terminating the process. How many times have you tried to delete a file and it says the file is in use? This will unlock the file to delete the file.

Everyone should have this on their computer to be able to delete all files. This also works when you are using BitTorrent and you have stopped downloading the file and deleted it but it is not removed from the computer.

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Process Explorer

The process explorer works far better than the Windows version that comes with your computer. If you want to see what is running on your computer then this program is a must on your computer. The are two windows which open when you run the program. The top windows shows you the active processes running on your computer where it show you what is running and which program controls the process.

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GPU-Z is a good utility if you want to measure the ability of your GPU being the number cruncher on your graphics card. This is normally used by those would are running programs such as SETI or want to show their computers ability. GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU in your computer.

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