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Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot – Search & Destroy detects and removes all your spyware however over the years that I have used it the program was only really good for taking out easy ones. If you are looking for a really good and reliable spyware remover then SuperAntiSpyware is the best on the market. That software will remove even the very complex and difficult ones.

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ZoneAlarm Free

If your Windows firewall is not enough then Zone Alarm is what you need to ensure that your computer is protected from hackers on the internet. It now also comes with an anti-virus engine and full support for the latest Firefox browser. This firewall has been around for many years and is still the most reliable firewall which is free on the internet.

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Windows Defender

First off note that this is only for a Windows XP computer. Defender was never again upgraded after its last release in 2006. If you are looking for something in the same line then check out Microsoft Security Essentials on this website as that has taken over where defender left off. That will run all all operating systems so see that software for more details.

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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

If find Malware annoying then you should consider Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ for a start. The software trial runs for 30 days at which point you simply email them and they will activate the software free of charge.

It is much better than Malwarebytes as Malwarebytes tends to annoy you with little pop-ups after it expires asking you to buy the full version. Ad-Aware does not do this after 30 days. Ad-Aware gives you good malware protection while online and also after downloading and installing new software.

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PeerBlock is the most widely used IP blocker on the internet today. Its block files gets updated each day as nobody wants to connect to government or other agencies which might track the P2P activities. This software allows you to control who you connect to and also blocks most government websites world wide. These block lists are the IP’s listed by known computers and IP’s that the government might use for tracking.

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With everyone today worried more about their online security. More people are now looking beyond firewalls. Peer Guardian 2 is dveloped by Phoenix Labs’ and is what is called an IP blocker which works on the Windows operating system. PeerGuardian 2 also integrates support for multiple block lists, block list editing and automatic updates and not to forget the blocking all of IPv4 (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc), making this software the safest and above everything else the easiest way to protect your privacy while using a P2P program such as BitTorrent or uTorrent .

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If you have a problem with malware then Malwarebytes’ Anti Malware is now just what you will need to end your problems. Malwarebytes can detect and remove malware that even the most well known anti-virus and anti-malware applications fail to detect. without a doubt the best malware detector and remover on the market since a-squared free left eh market in 2010.

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Today on the internet with all the spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and dialer’s it has become important to have a good scanner for malware as the threats are growing by the day. By browsing the internet or any web page, you could find your computer to have become the brand new home to one of these unwanted problems.

Adware being the largest and most problematic while hijacked pages are becoming very common.

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The new SUPER AntiSpyware Professional software now features the highly advanced Real-Time Protection memory resident protection. To ensure computer protection from installation of all known potential spyware threats.

These threats are around as you surf or download from the Internet daily.

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This is one of the most used software on the internet when it comes to diagnosing an infection. The HijackThis software program will firstly inspect your computer browser and then the OS settings to generate a log file in text format of the current state of your computer software.

Now by using HijackThis you can check and change and also remove unwanted settings and programs from your computer.

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