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Buying a Domain Name

transfer domain nameIf you are considering making money online or just having a personal blog then you should consider what type of domain name you will use. If it is for a company then you would use the name of the company for the domain name or if it is say – writing about fish then buy a domain with the word fish in the domain name.

Google over the years have change their search pattens and over the last 2 years have given high credit in their search algorithm with the keyword being in the domain name. As an example you might want to write or host mobile phone manuals so you buy a domain name such a www.owner-manual.com which has the keyword of the topic in the name.

Now you have a number of TLD’s or ‘extensions’ in the domain name. The .com is still at the top of the rankings with .net being next and .org being the lower one. The other domain TLD’s do not rank very well. There is a listing on this website with these other TLD’s which have appeared over the past few years – the latest being the TLD called .xxx which is for adult websites but there are not that many around which rank.

Once you have decided what you wish to do with your domain name and which TLD you wish to use you now need to consider which registrar to use and also always check for domain discounts from some of them.

We will explain this next!


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